Jula is an efficient cost-conscious low price channel that offers a qualified range of merchandise for homeowners, ”do-it-yourselves”, farmers, handymen and small industries via rational stores, mail order and Internet.

This comprehensive Operations Policy applies to the entire company’s operation and shall constitute the foundation of how we are working.

Laws and regulations constitute the minimum requirements and shall always be fulfilled.


Safety shall always be considered first regardless of any other priority! Risk related to safety that can threaten customers, visitors, employees and the company are minimized.


Satisfied customers are a prerequisite for Jula’s existence. Jula shall sell products that fulfils the expectations of the customers and we shall treat and serve our customers in an exemplarily manner.

With continuous improvements in quality, service, cost and technology we work to make our customers and owners even more satisfied. We do this by setting goals, follow up key figures and implement improving actions.


Jula is a responsible company with respect for the rights of all individuals. Jula’s commitment to Social Responsibility extends to our global supply base which we through Jula’s Code of Conduct are making demands on a responsible behaviour for ethics and the environment.


"Focus on the environment – because we care"

The environmental aspects shall always be considered to continuously reduce our direct and indirect environmental impact in all parts of our operation, in the selection of new products, setting up of new stores, as well as in the daily work in our organisation and its processes.

By an active environmental work we are acting for a sustainable society.

Our operation impacts the environment mainly by:

We reduce the environmental impact from our operation by:


Jula offers an attractive workplace. Everyone within Jula has good opportunities to fulfil his/her work in a flexible and efficient way. Jula has competent employees through recruitment, introduction and competence development. Every employee shall have concrete and self-dependent job assignments with clear defined responsibilities and authorities.

Jula applies and develops knowledge within work environment and communicates this internally. Jula works for equal opportunity for men and women and doesn’t allow any offending discrimination because of gender, ethnical origin, function disability or sexual orientation.