About Jula

Jula offers handy people a wide and carefully chosen range of products for homes, gardens and leisure-time activities at low prices. We want to motivate people to simplify their everyday lives and to create an active and enjoyable life. And we aim higher – together we will get everyone to want to fix things themselves.


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Jula is a company in continuous growth. Our sales over the past years have risen substantially and we are now one of the major companies operating on the Swedish, Norwegian, Polish and Finnish retail markets via stores and E-commerce sales.

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Lars-Göran Blank
Entrepreneur and founder
 Karl-Johan Blank
Group CEO and owner



The history of Jula

Please visit https://history.jula.com/ to read about important steps in Jula's development and success.


Jula Holding

The Jula Holding Group has primarily emerged from operations associated with the retail company Jula AB. The family-owned group has now evolved from the retailing with operations in several different sectors such as retail, real estate, logistics, hotels, environment & energy and finance. The Jula Holding Group develops investment, management and ownership issues with the aim of effectively buying, starting and developing new and existing businesses.

Please visit https://julaholding.com/en/ to read about the Jula Holding Group.